Driving Test Tips
Here are some specific driving test tips to help you during your actual driving test.
Before you get into the car with your examiner for the driving test make sure :
The car is roadworthy
The examiner is able to see your speed odometer
A Pre- Drive :knowing the minor controls
You adjust your seatbelt and make sure the examiner has his seatbelt on!
You adjust the mirrors and - You When in the car with the examiner To follow examiner’s instructions - To stay focused and to drive safely!
To maintain a reasonable space cushion between the vehicles around you
Stop behind the stop signs and/or before the white stopping line
Do not go past the speed limit
Always use your signals for turning and be able to demonstrate hand signals
Common Reasons For Driving Test Failure
The 10 Most Common Reasons For Driving Test Failure
1. Reckless Driving - driving in a manner which is dangerous to you and or others
2. Reverse parking - ineffective observation and/or a lack of accuracy
3. Use of mirrors, blind spots - not checking or not acting on information
4. Speeding – going above the speed limit for 5 seconds or more
5. Incorrect use of signals - not cancelling or giving misleading signals.
6. Moving away safely - ineffective observations
7. Incorrect positioning on the road - particularly at roundabouts or on bends
8. Lack of steering control - steering too early or too late
9. Incorrect position to turn right - at junctions and/or in one-way streets
10. Inappropriate speed - travelling too slowly or with too much hesitation
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