Model Driving School Services include
Learner Permit to P Licence
You must be 16 years old before you can sit the learners permit test.
This test comprises of 32 questions based on road law information in the Road to Solo Driving handbook.  
Before you attempt the learner permit test, you can do a practice test online.
Drive Test Preparation

This is ideal for those who feel ready to take the Vic roads drive test but are unsure about all the assessment criteria. Model Driving School instructors know all the requirements you need to pass the driving test successfully and can help you familiarise you with the test routes.

Pre Drive Test Assessment

Entails familiarisation of the area and test routes close to your chosen centre to give you a good chance of passing first time.

Refresher Driving Lessons

 This program is excellent for those who:

- Have passed their driving test some years ago but have never driven
- Have had a break from driving due to circumstances or health
- Feel that their driving skills are out of date
- Have lost their confidence 

Senior Driving Program

This program is aimed particularly at those who are over 55 and feel they are struggling with age related physical issues, as well as falling behind with road rules and safety. There is no doubt that driving is now getting more and more difficult for those drivers who are over 55. Cars are more powerful, traffic is heavier and road rules are forever changing. Model Driving School instructors help better educate senior drivers in defensive driving techniques and road safety.

‘L’ Log Book Compliance

Our instructors can help you understand Logbook compliance to Vic roads standards as per the Graduated Licensing System.

 Automatic to Manual Licence

If you have decided to learn how to drive a manual car we can help you facilitate this goal. You can select your car or the driving school’s dual controlled vehicle.

Model Driving School offers tailored, specialised programs designed specifically to meet your learning capabilities and personal goals.
At the beginning of each driving lesson we define your driving goals and at the end of each lesson we offer constructive feedback on your progress so you can improve. Our feedback is based on a Competency Based Training checklist. (The checklist consists of a list of driving competencies which will enhance your learning so you can confidently pass your driving test).

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